Really? Girl Suspended for Dyeing Hair…

I have to say it, schools focus on the most ridiculous mundane crap these days!!!!!

A Utah teen was suspended for dyeing her hair auburn because the principal didn’t think it looked natural. Auburn? Really? Show me a girl in Miami who hasn’t had that deep-unnatural auburn hair- it’s especially popular in females 65 and over!

Instead of focusing on education and teaching tolerance, they’re suspending kids for dyeing their hair!!?? That’s WHEN you dye your hair, when you’re a kid because it’s fun and you get to express yourself. I can’t tell you how many colors my hair was while in grade school!!! And guess what? I graduated with honors and never stabbed anyone!

I remember when I was in school the biggest issue was uniforms and flip flops. Now, everything is an issue! Christmas sweaters, hair color, piercings, mustaches! Who cares! Your teen years are the best times to do all that weird shit to yourself, you get it out of your system- because once you enter the real world those blue highlights don’t look great in an interview.

Kids are passing with sub-par grades, they barely know anything, and they’re becoming increasingly violent. Those are the issues the schools should address. Racism, physical and verbal abuse, the ability to put a sentence together!!!


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