Tacky Shoes, Poor Branding, Angry Parents

Albeit a terrible ad campaign, the controversy over the new Skechers’ Daddy’$ Money collection is a bit much. Not only is the name appalling to some parenting groups, but these new tacky tween sneakers feature a hidden wedge heel! People are saying the wedge may influence young girls into thinking they need to be taller instead of being happy with their height, thus causing low self esteem. News flash! Teenage girls already have low self esteem because of everything else they see on TV and magazines, what difference is this ad really going to make?

As a resident short girl, it’s just nice to feel tall in general. Not that being short is a bad thing, but wearing heels is something I find empowering, so maybe it will help these young girls with their self-esteem. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making our kids feel good about themselves as they grow up (as much as we can at least).

The real issue here is the name though, not the “hidden wedge”. Skechers is not the first to come out with these shoes, but because they are more appropriately named, no one cares. I’m not defending anything about this commercial, because as someone in the industry, I think it screams tacky! But I can see the logic behind the name, because let’s be honest, every 13 year-old who wants these shoes are going to have to ask daddy for them!



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