It’s Just Swimsuits People!

Here we go, yet another trivial event turned into a controversy. So you know that magazine where really hot models pose in tiny little bikinis? You know, Sports Illustrated! Well the latest issue with Kate Upton on the cover apparently features models all over the world posing with natives from each country. Well some ingenious website (Jezebel) is accusing the magazine of exploiting minorities by using them as props! REALLY?

It’s a stretch no doubt, the natives depicted in the photos look perfectly happy (and unharmed). In fact, to imply they were “exploited” is to imply that those people did not have a mind of their own to decide if they wanted to even be in those photos…that sure sounds like a stereotype, doesn’t it? That “colored” people in other countries are too “dumb” to realize they’re being used by the “white man”…I think we need to give “minorities” a bit more credit.

I don’t know the ethnicity of the individual who wrote the article, but I’m considered a “minority” being of Cuban-decent, and on behalf of all my stereotype ridden friends- I AM NOT OFFENDED! And neither should anyone else be. It’s a swimsuit magazine people, the goal is to sell issues to men (and women) who want to look at hot chicks. God bless em’, it’s entertainment!

What’s next? Shut down “It’s a Small World”!!!—164134203.html


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