Oh Valentine’s Day…

Valentine's Day_92960689

Should it be called “girlfriend’s day”? Probably. Is it a made up holiday? Sure! But so is Christmas! And no one boycotts that.

Men all over the world today will be standing their ground and refusing to give in to this “Hallmark Holiday”, and to that I say, “screw you”.
We all know it’s a BS occasion, and if you love someone then everyday should be Valentine’s Day….but it’s not, so get over it.

Just accept the gift that society has given you to show your girlfriend or wife that you have a thoughtful bone in your body. Let’s face it, women love romance. All women (period).

So go out there, score some points for the year, and buy the one you love some damn chocolate and flowers. Hell! Throw in a card if you really want to impress her. If you don’t know what to write, Google a poem, she’ll appreciate the effort!