7 Signs She’s Emotionally High Maintenance

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m reviving my blog and spreading some dating advise for all you single-and-ready-to-mingle guys out there. You may be looking for love or just starting out with your beau, either way, knowing these 7 signs will come in handy at some point. To be clear, this list is not to put down girls that need to be told “I love you” a little more than the rest, because I am the worst offender for this! But know that if the girl you are with meets these criteria, you better be damn sure you can handle her!

So first thing to note, your emotionally high maintenance lady friend may seem really cool and totally manageable at first (unless she’s psycho emotional, then you’ll know immediately). She won’t be the type of girl that needs five star dinners and bling, she’ll genuinely appreciate the little things – like surprising her with a can of Mr.Pibb because you remember she said she liked those once. This will make her seem low maintenance, which you will love (at first), until you realize it’s more than free soda she’s interested in…she actually wants your LOVE! Dun, dun, duuuunnnn…

So let’s get to it! Here are the 7 signs she’s emotionally high maintenance:

1. She can laugh at herself (a little too much).
When you tell her she looks nice in a dress and she replies, “Well I decided dresses were more comfortable than jeans because I have a big butt.” That’s called self deprecating humor, which is great, and usually funny- but also means if she does it too much, she’s not really joking.

2. She can’t take a compliment. 
Every time you tell her she’s beautiful, she replies “no I’m not,” which means she needs you to come back with a follow up compliment that’s even better like, “you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” in order for her to believe you.

3. She requires a card to go along with all her gifts. 
If you buy her one of those over priced Pandora bracelets, sure she’ll love the bracelet, but where’s the card? The card is filled with the words that express the feelings that reaffirm the relationship. She really just wants you to write down all the gushy stuff you can’t muster the guts to say to her out loud (cuz you’re a dude and stuff). The card is the real gift.

4. If she stares at you longingly after you’ve just seen an epic romcom scene.
Okay, this means she’s thinking one of two things. The first is, “why can’t you be more like him?” OR “I hope this is giving you ideas…” Either thought is emotionally driven.

5. Six months into dating, she refers back to the cutsie text messages you used to send her when you first started dating, and asks why you don’t flirt like that anymore.
It’s not always true about relationships, but it is common that after a while that sweet “you hang up”, “no, you hang up” stage starts to fade, and text messages are sent on an informational level like “I’m on my way, what do you want to eat?” versus ,”Can’t wait to see you tonight cuddlebear ; ) xoxo” and all that other stuff. (Oh by the way, did anyone catch the phone reference I made? Couples actually used to TALK on the phone….anyway, moving on.)

6. Once a month she’s a little cray, cray!
PMS is not a myth, however, it effects every woman differently. Some are moody, others have cramps, headaches, etc.  But then there are the already emotional girls who just go bonkers! I know what I’m talking about here, I am berserker around this time! You’re emotionally high maintenance girl will seem almost bipolar, except for the fact that her crazy correlates with a very specific event. She will love you for half the day, hate you for an hour, then really really want a hug later.

7. She LOVES Surprises!
Like not modestly, she really loves surprises. Any kind of surprise will send this type of girl reeling. Because every surprise- big or small- means you thought of her that day.

If you’re the kind of guy that can handle this sort of thing, then you’re golden. Your emotionally high maintenance GF will treat you like a king if you just show her that you care, a lot. If at any time while reading this, you thought to yourself, “a girl like this is f***ing crazy!” then watch for these signs, and thank me later. Happy Valentine’s Day!